Simamkele Dial is an author, transformational speaker, and thought cultivator.
Born in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape – South Africa. A pinacle reflection of a child raised by a village – she has been structured by the wisdom and teachings of her grandmother, Nontutuzelo Nicholette Dial.

A Rhodes University Alumni, she holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree and an Honours degree in Sociology focusing on Development Studies and currently a student at the University of Johannesburg towards a Masters of Arts in Sociology. She is the MD of Simpho Research and Consulting – a company that renders qualitative research services and diverse consultation of personal and organizational development. She is the founder of Destined for Greatness, an organization that mentors young people in character and career building.

As a speaker, Simamkele carries a great gift of speaking which has been further nurtured by her life experiences. It is through her talks that she aims to transform and shape character through wisdom and gained experience. The seasoned writer has grown to write her own book titled “My Pain PERFERCTED: The path of being carried-finding purpose through pain.” It is through this experience that she offers a great service to those who aspire to be writers and bloggers.

The Inspirational Speaker and Thought Cultivator

Determined to unleash the greatness in young people’s lives, she also founded “Destined for Greatness” – a division of SRC focused on turning negative situations into breakthroughs that not only empower but heal souls.

The organisation offers inspirational talks, leadership skills training, mentorship and Talita Koum Seminars (aimed at empowering women).

To empower young people and women through different programmes

To speak life to hopelessness, to provide guidance, mentor and to lead the youth of South Africa to be the best they were born to be


Dreams don’t have a grave they don’t die, they sleep… 

The Author

Through her autobiography, My Pain Perfected- which speaks about the pain of going through life as an orphan, Simamkele uses her story to inspire change in other people’s lives.

My Pain PERFECTED is an inspirational biography that takes the reader through a Path of being carried through; orphanage, abuse, heartbreak, rejection and failure and finding purpose through that pain.

Simamkele has dedicated the next years of her life to speak to dry bones in people’s lives which is her ministry. A life lived to fulfil God’s greatness in every soul she will cross paths with. Simamkele is determined to teach people that greatness is in everyone’s DNA.

Keep In Touch

your struggles are accounted for in the spiritual realm. The battles you’ve fought are not in vain. 

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